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Partners and Links

KMBA is under the supervision of the Insurance Commission, the Philippine Government body tasked “to protect the interest and welfare of the insuring public and to develop and strengthen the insurance industry” (www.insurance.gov.ph).

KMBA is a partner of the RIMANSI Organization for Asia and the Pacific, Inc., “a microinsurance technical resource center established by leading microfinance institutions in the Philippines to promote universal risk protection for the socio-economically disadvantaged in the Asia and the Pacific” (www.rimansi.org).

Another KMBA partner is Bankers Assurance Corporation (www.bankersassurance.com.ph), through which KMBA’s K-Kalinga is being underwritten.

KMBA is also a partner of First Life Financial (www.firstlife.com.ph), through which KMBA's K-Bente is being underwritten.

KMBA has international affiliations to Asia-Oceana Association (AOA) and International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) to broaden exchanges of knowledge and skills. https://www.icmif.org/

CAPS-R INC.(Archdiocese of Cebu) is KMBA’s partner in Cebu in the provision of microinsurance to associate members. www.facebook.com/cebu.caritas